30 Ultimate Vancouver Mom Blogs

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Mom blogs rock, and we've rounded up the 30 ultimate Vancouver mom bloggers of 2010 to honour in our first annual contest...
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30 Ultimate Vancouver Mom BlogsUpdate! Lesley Stenning of smidgebox designs has been named as Vancouver’s Top Mom Blogger.

Earlier this month, we asked you tell us about any phenomenal moms blogging in Vancouver. We’re putting together a list of the Ultimate 30 Blogs by Vancouver Moms – and you answered. We received over 41 nominations!

Here’s who’s on the list (in order of publication):

  1. Sarah Bessey, The Emerging Mummy
  2. Kerry Sauriol, Crunchy Carpets
  3. Stephanie Lee, The Tsunami Mommy
  4. Cari Snell, Can I get the Recipe?
  5. Tracey Rossignol, Fashion Forward 40
  6. Amber Strocel, Strocel
  7. Harriet Fancott, See Theo Run
  8. Claudia Laroye, The Travelling Mom
  9. Miriam Fitterer, Lotus Land Mom
  10. Marilyn Belsham, A Lot of Loves
  11. Cori Howard, The Momoir Project
  12. Lesley Stenning, smidgebox
  13. Susan Main, Main Writer
  14. Michelle Evans, Im Seeking Balance
  15. Karen Randall, New & Green Blog
  16. Andrea Firmani, Mama in the City (Apartment Baby)
  17. Megan Zandstra, Left Handed Scissors
  18. Sherri Birt, So Much to Love
  19. Gwendolyn Floyd, Left Coast Mama
  20. Nicole Christen, My Real Review
  21. Kelly Diels, Cleavage
  22. Gillian Behnke, Finding My Weigh
  23. Alexis Hinde, Wave The Stick
  24. Erica Wells, The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms
  25. Dreena Burton, Vive le Vegan
  26. Jenny Lutes, Solo Mommy
  27. Jennifer Bebb, Musings of an Unconventional Life
  28. Lindsay Dianne Willett, The Urban Momtographer
  29. Emily Beecher, Wish Wait Hope Pray (Aprons and Heels)
  30. Margarita Reczek, Fab Brunette

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18 Responses to 30 Ultimate Vancouver Mom Blogs

  1. Nicole says:

    All wonderful blogs!! I’ve loved checking them out!

  2. Amber says:

    I love what you’re doing with this, and the recognition you’re giving our community. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. ihath says:

    Happy to be exploring all the mom bloggers in vancouver. What a treat!

  4. jenny says:

    Hey check out my new mommy blog:)

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