Vote now for your Favourite Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger!

on May 2, 11 • by • with 93 Comments

Over the past weeks, we’ve introduced you to the top 30 nominees as Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers. Now is the time for you to vote for your favourite! Pick up to five but you can only vote once...
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Over the past week, we’ve introduced you to the top 30 nominees who are your Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers. Now is the time for you to vote for your favourite! Pick up to five, but you can only vote once.

All the bloggers will be treated to a special party in their honour, but the winner will also receive a terrific prize package and, of course, bragging rights.

The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011. Voting closes on May 6.

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93 Responses to Vote now for your Favourite Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger!

  1. Fingers crossed Jacqueline of wins!

  2. Vashti M says:

    One Smiley Monkey!!

  3. Jenifer says:

    Best of luck to you!!! :)

  4. Amanda Wray says:

    So exciting! Cant wait to meet at the fab momma’s at the party!

  5. Just voted for MonkeeMama – Naomi Jesson!

  6. LeeAnne says:

    Go Karen & Nyana

  7. Ty says:

    good luck

  8. Brian says:

    Best of luck Karen

  9. Brian says:

    Vote Karen!

  10. Tanaya says:

    Wishing everyone good luck!

  11. Kelly Green says:

    Bubbles makes Him Smile is an awesome and informative Blog!! Greta work Tanaya!

  12. Aly Mashrah says:

    Good luck, Angela!

  13. Janet Davie says:

    Good luck Cherie, you are such an honest gut wrenching writer.

  14. Tara says:

    Good luck Naomi!

  15. Chantal says:

    Go Karen!!!

  16. Mary Ward says:

    I have been so incredibly touched and feel so blessed to have followed Karen, Don and Nyana’s story. Hope you win!

  17. Good Luck Karen!!! Hugs

  18. Ben Ton says:

    Go Karen and Nyana

  19. Diana says:

    Go Karen Brackett! You got my vote, today. :)

  20. Lynn Duncan says:

    Voting for Karen Brackett (& Don and Nyana) not just for all they’ve been through but for a super excellent blog!

  21. Wendy Irene says:

    Go Naomi!! I am very excited you are nominated :)

  22. Janna says:

    My vote is for Karen and Ny!

  23. I am honored to be nominated amongst all these amazing Mom Bloggers. Thank-you!

  24. Good luck! Another 365er routing for you!

  25. Tawnya says:

    I have totally enjoyed reading Jodi Shaw’s blogging for several years now and I know I will for many more to come. Its great to see how she has grown in her life and her business of blogging (inspiring others)

    • Jodi Shaw says:

      Wow! Thanks Tawnya, I appreciate that you feel that way! Thanks for your support. I am lucky to be listed among these amazing moms!

  26. Carri says:

    Good Luck Tracy!! xo

  27. Sending all my support to Jacqueline Way of for her continued efforts to inspire all of us to think beyond ourselves and embrace the simple acts of giving!

  28. Cathy Empey says:

    Good luck to the ever amazing, Tara Cronica trio! xoxo

  29. Awesome! Hope you win! :)

  30. Aimi says:

    Go Karen Brackett!

  31. Go Karen Brackett!! Good Luck!!!

  32. Go Karen, Don & Nyana.

    I can’t vote when it comes to politics cos I’m not a citizen but today I voted, for The Sunshine Brigade.

  33. Lori S (Huk) says:

    Go Mommy Karen Brackett, Daddy Don Brackett, and super baby Nyana!

  34. Voted for my wife Naomi of MonkeeMama

  35. maria says:

    Good luck Karen!!!

  36. Maria says:

    Good luck girl!!!!!!

  37. Maria says:

    Good luck naomi!!!!!

  38. Emily says:

    Best of luck hope you win!

  39. Emily says:

    Best of luck!!

  40. Gina says:

    Go Bruna ….Bee’s with Honey!!!!!

  41. So many great blogs here to choose from, I’m honoured to be a part of this! Good luck ladies!

  42. Genhis says:

    These girls at Tara Cronica are making a difference!

  43. Rose says:

    GOOD LUCK J!!!!!!!

  44. Love her website. new to the minimalist movement.

  45. Good luck Karen. You have such inspiration for your writing with material from Nyana and Don.
    I tried to vote for Duncan too, not sure if it went through.
    Good luck. Dorothy

  46. Selina says:

    Vote for Brandee!!!! :D

  47. Kate says:

    Go Bruna!!! woo hoo!

  48. Mary says:

    Voting for Bruna and Bees with Honey. You’re the best!

  49. nadine says:

    Bubbles make him smile is great. Just voted. Hope you win. True and honest reflection of living with a child with autism. My little boy is 4 and was diagnosed in jan.

    • Tanaya says:

      Thank you so much for your support! It’s a reality so true to so many people, and we just hope it helps people better understand autism. Thank you!

  50. Cathy Collis, you Rock!!! And I appreciate all you Mom bloggers, carry the torch for all of us!

  51. Mary Coombes says:

    Routing for you big time Jacqueline!

  52. Twiggy says:

    We love you Karen, Don and precious Nyana of the Sunshine Brigade.. gooooo Nyana!

  53. good luck ladies! love me some evalicious!!

  54. True Cuddles says:

    What a great crew! Love reading this list and checking out all these fab moms!

  55. Mariana says:

    Go Angela from One Smiley Monkey! Love your blog! Good Luck!

  56. Karen says:

    Best of luck, Bruna!! :>:>

  57. Have really enjoyed your blogs… Good luck!!!

  58. Bobedora says:

    good luck Active Mama!!

  59. Kathy Maher says:

    Good luck Karen …. a friend of Heather’s is a friend of mine!

  60. Amanda says:

    Good luck Cherie & beautiful Charlie-Anne! Love your blogs, you bring amazing insight and awareness to SMA. xo

  61. Thanks to Ruthann Masterton for her lovely comments!

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